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Advert for Dalmatian Systems

Our Level 4 students are proud to announce the completion of the most recent AV advertising project for the software developers Dalmatian Systems.  The advertising material is designed to promote Dalmatians new 'word cloud' based career development tool which is set to make waves in the recruitment industry.  

 The concept was 'out-of-the-box' to suit the unique nature of the software product itself.  From the outset out students worked closely with Dalmatian Systems to produce a partly filmed, partly CGI advertisment.


"There where some real challenges in creating the outcomes that we had agreed in the design stage. But we overcame them by thinking out-of-the-box in how to film and then composite the thing back together. This is mostly a CGI product so we spent many man hours designing, modelling and animating the environment for the actress to be in!" Kynan Iliffe - RDA Intern


"We were impressed with R.E.A.L’s students and the work they had done for other businesses. When we sat down with them to show them what Dalmatian Systems was all about, they immediately understood what we were all about and how we wanted the promo video to look. Their ideas were innovative, creative and fresh, which completely fitted in with our brand. They engaged with us throughout the whole process and the end result completely exceeded our expectations” Katie TRrinder

Katie Trinder - Dalmatian Systems